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Frequently Asked Questions - Coorg

Where is Coorg?

Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is located in southwestern Karnataka, India. It is nestled amidst the Western Ghats and renowned for its scenic beauty, lush coffee plantations, and rich cultural heritage.

Must visit places in Coorg

Discover the must-visit attractions in Coorg, Karnataka:
1. Abbey Falls: Experience the stunning beauty of this cascading waterfall surrounded by lush greenery.
2. Dubare Elephant Camp: Interact with elephants, enjoy elephant rides, and learn about their conservation.
3. Namdroling Monastery (Golden Temple): Explore the largest Tibetan settlement in India, adorned with intricate Buddhist architecture.
4. Talakaveri: Visit the origin of the river Kaveri, nestled amidst the Brahmagiri hills, offering scenic views and religious significance.
5. Raja's Seat: Enjoy panoramic views of Coorg's landscape from this scenic viewpoint, especially captivating during sunset.
6. Madikeri Fort: Dive into Coorg's history at this ancient fort featuring architectural marvels and a museum.
7. Nagarhole National Park: Embark on a wildlife safari to spot diverse fauna, including elephants, tigers, and deer, in their natural habitat.
8. Iruppu Falls: Marvel at the beauty of this majestic waterfall located amidst dense forests, ideal for a refreshing dip.

What is Coorg home to?

Coorg, known as Kodagu, is home to lush coffee plantations, aromatic spice gardens, and a rich cultural heritage. Its scenic beauty, including misty mountains, dense forests, and gushing waterfalls, makes it a popular destination for nature lovers and adventurers. Additionally, Coorg is renowned for its hospitality and traditional Kodava cuisine, offering visitors a delightful culinary experience.

What is famous in Coorg for shopping?

Coorg is renowned for its exquisite local products, making it a shopper's paradise. Some of the must-buy items include:
  • Coorg Coffee: Indulge in the rich flavors of locally grown coffee beans in various blends and roasts.
  • Homemade Chocolates: Treat yourself to handmade chocolates infused with local ingredients like honey and spices.
  • Spices: Explore a variety of aromatic spices, such as cardamom, pepper, and cinnamon, freshly sourced from Coorg's plantations.
  • Honey: Sample and purchase pure, organic honey harvested from Coorg's lush forests, renowned for its distinct floral flavors.
  • Traditional Attire: Adorn yourself in elegant Kodava sarees or traditional Coorgi jewelry, showcasing the region's unique cultural heritage.
  • Homemade Wines: Experience the flavors of locally crafted wines made from fruits like grapes and oranges, perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment.
  • Handicrafts: Discover intricately crafted wooden artifacts, pottery, and bamboo products, reflecting Coorg's rich craftsmanship and artistic traditions.

  • Exploring Coorg's bustling markets and local shops is an enriching experience, offering a glimpse into the region's vibrant culture and heritage through its diverse products.

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    Why is Coorg called 'the land of rolling hills'?

    Coorg is often called the "land of rolling hills" due to its picturesque landscape characterized by undulating terrain and verdant hills stretching as far as the eye can see. The region's topography, with its numerous hills and valleys, creates a scenic vista of rolling hills, contributing to its nickname. Visitors are captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Coorg's rolling hills, which add to the region's charm and allure as a popular tourist destination.

    How to reach Coorg from Bangalore?

    To reach Coorg from Bangalore, you can opt for the following transportation modes:
    1. By Road: The most common way to travel to Coorg is by road. The distance between Bangalore and Coorg is approximately 250 kilometers, and the journey takes 5-6 hours by car. You can drive your vehicle or hire a taxi/cab. The route typically involves crossing National Highway 75 (NH75) via Mysore to Coorg.
    2. By Bus: Several government and private bus operators offer regular bus services between Bangalore and Coorg. You can catch a bus from Bangalore's main bus terminals, such as Kempegowda Bus Station (Majestic) or satellite bus stations. The journey duration varies depending on the type of bus and route taken.
    3. By Train: Although no direct train to Coorg exists, you can travel from Bangalore to nearby railway stations such as Mysore or Hassan. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Coorg, approximately 100-150 kilometers away from these railway stations.
    4. By Air: The nearest airport to Coorg is the Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) in Bangalore. You can hire a taxi from the airport or take a bus to reach Coorg, which is around 250 kilometers away. However, air travel may involve more travel time and transfers than road or rail transport.

    Is Coorg and Madikeri same?

    Yes, Coorg and Madikeri are often used interchangeably to refer to the same region. Madikeri is the district headquarters of Kodagu (Coorg) district in the state of Karnataka, India. Therefore, when people mention Coorg, they often mean the wider region that includes Madikeri as one of its main towns. Both terms can be used synonymously to describe the same area.

    Where to stay in Coorg?

    In Coorg, you'll find a range of accommodation options tailored to your preferences:
    1. Luxury Resorts: Enjoy opulent amenities and stunning views at resorts like The Tamara, Vivanta by Taj-Madikeri, and Evolve Back (formerly Orange County).
    2. Homestays: Immerse yourself in Kodava hospitality at homestays like Chilipili Estate Homestay, Coorg O Farm, and Silver Brook Estate.
    3. Hotels: Choose from various hotels suiting different budgets, including Hotel Le Coorg, Hotel Madikeri Heritage, and Hotel Coorg International.
    4. Eco-lodges: Experience sustainable living at places like Amanvana Spa Resort, The IBNII, and Forest Valley Tree House.
    5. Villas and Cottages: Opt for Privacy and comfort at properties like Heritage Resort Coorg, Coorg Cliffs Resort, and Taneerhulla Plantation Stay.
    Book in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your preferred accommodation.

    Which season is the best to visit Coorg?

    The best time to visit Coorg is during the winter season, from October to March. During this time, the weather is pleasant with cool temperatures, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Additionally, the post-monsoon period (October to November) offers lush greenery and rejuvenated waterfalls, enhancing the region's natural beauty. However, Coorg experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season (June to September), which may lead to landslides and limited outdoor activities. Therefore, it's advisable to avoid visiting Coorg during the monsoon.

    Which is better Coorg or Ooty?

    Choosing between Coorg and Ooty depends on your preferences and interests:
    Coorg (Kodagu):
  • Known for its picturesque landscapes, coffee plantations, and lush greenery.
  • Offers activities such as trekking, coffee plantation tours, and river rafting.
  • Ideal for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking a tranquil retreat.

  • Ooty (Udhagamandalam):
  • Famous for its tea estates, botanical gardens, and scenic Nilgiri Mountains.
  • Attractions include Ooty Lake, Botanical Gardens, and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway.
  • Suitable for travelers interested in colonial history, strolls, and scenic train rides.

  • Whether Coorg or Ooty is better depends on your preferences for activities, scenery, and atmosphere.
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