Belkal Theertha Falls: A Hidden Gem in the Western Ghats

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Belkal Theertha Falls: Your Gateway to Nature and Serenity

Introduction to Belkal Theertha Falls

Nestled deep within the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, Falls is a breathtaking spectacle of nature. Known for its serene beauty and tranquil ambiance, this waterfall is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about Belkal Theertha Falls, from its geological significance to the best time to visit and how to make the most of your trip.

Belkal Theertha Falls

The Location and Significance

Belkal Theertha Falls, located in the scenic district of Uttara Kannada in Karnataka, India, is a mesmerizing waterfall that cascades down from approximately 300 feet. Set amidst dense forests and rolling hills, this waterfall is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by nature lovers. The falls are part of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its rich biodiversity and ecological significance.

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The History of Belkal Theertha Falls

Belkal Theertha Falls is steeped in local legends and myths. According to local folklore, “Theertha” implies a holy water body, and the falls have been considered sacred by the indigenous communities for centuries. Pilgrims often visit this place to seek blessings and purify themselves in the holy waters.

The Geological Formation

The geological formation of Belkal Falls is as fascinating as its beauty. The falls are part of the Sharavathi river basin, and the water flows over a rugged terrain of ancient rock formations, which are millions of years old. The constant flow of water has carved out unique patterns and shapes in the rocks, making it a site of geological interest.

Belkal Theertha Falls

Best Time to Visit

Seasonal Variations

The Falls offers a different charm in each season. Understanding the seasonal variations can help you plan the perfect trip.

Monsoon Magic

From June to September, the monsoon season is arguably the best time to visit Belkal Theertha Falls. The heavy rains transform the falls into a roaring cascade, surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers. However, the trails can be slippery, so caution is advised.

Winter Wonderland

From November to February, the winter months offer a pleasant climate and a serene ambiance. The flow of the falls is steady, and the surroundings are more relaxed, making it ideal for trekking and picnics.

Getting to Belkal Theertha Falls

Travel Routes

Reaching  Falls involves a mix of road travel and trekking. Here are the primary travel routes:

Nearest Airports and Railways

The nearest airport to Falls is Mangalore International Airport, approximately 150 kilometers away. The closest railway station is in Honnavar, around 30 kilometers from the falls.

Road Trip Essentials

A road trip to Falls is an adventure in itself. Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained, carries ample water and snacks, and has a reliable GPS or map. The roads are scenic but can be challenging, especially during the monsoon season.

Belkal Theertha Falls

The Trek to Belkal Falls

Trekking Routes

Several trekking routes lead to the Falls, ranging from easy to moderate difficulty levels. The most popular route starts from the village of Gerusoppa and takes about 2-3 hours through dense forests and hilly terrain.

Difficulty Levels

The trek to Belkal Falls is moderately challenging and suitable for both novice and experienced trekkers. Proper footwear, sufficient hydration, and a local guide are recommended for a safe and enjoyable trek.

Safety Tips for Trekkers

  • Always trek in groups and avoid solo trips.
  • Inform local authorities or friends about your trekking plans.
  • Carry a first-aid kit and emergency supplies.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes.
  • Be cautious of slippery rocks and uneven paths.

Flora and Fauna Around the WaterFalls

Unique Plant Species

The Western Ghats are home to a diverse range of plant species, many of which can be found around Belkal Theertha WaterFalls. The flora is a botanist’s delight, from towering evergreen trees to vibrant orchids.

Wildlife Encounters

The dense forests surrounding  WaterFalls are teeming with wildlife. Visitors might spot various species of birds, butterflies, and small mammals. Occasionally, sightings of larger animals like deer and even leopards have been reported.

Activities at Belkal Theertha Falls

Bird Watching

Bird enthusiasts will find Water Falls a paradise. The area is home to numerous bird species, including some endemic to the Western Ghats. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times for bird watching.

Photography Opportunities

The stunning landscapes, vibrant flora, and fauna make Belkal Falls a photographer’s haven. Whether an amateur or a professional, you will find countless opportunities to capture breathtaking shots.

Picnic Spots

Several scenic spots around the falls are perfect for picnics. The sound of the cascading water and the chirping of birds provide a serene backdrop for a relaxing day out with family and friends.

Accommodation Options Near Belkal Theertha Falls

Hotels and Resorts

A few hotels and resorts near Water Falls offer comfortable stays with basic amenities. Some popular options include:

  • Jungle Lodges and Resorts
  • KSTDC Mayura Gerusoppa

Camping Sites

For those who prefer a more adventurous experience, camping is a great option. There are designated camping sites near the falls to set up tents and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Local Culture and Cuisine

Traditional Dishes

The local cuisine around Belkal WaterFalls is a delightful mix of coastal and Malnad flavors. Try dishes like Neer Dosa, Kadubu, and various seafood delicacies.

Cultural Festivals

The local communities celebrate various festivals with great enthusiasm. Participating in these festivals can give you a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Conservation Efforts

Environmental Protection Initiatives

Efforts are being made to preserve Belkal Theertha Falls’ natural beauty and ecological balance. Local NGOs and environmental groups are actively involved in conservation projects.

How Tourists Can Help

As a tourist, you can contribute to the conservation efforts by:

  • Avoiding littering and carrying back all waste.
  • Respecting local wildlife and not disturbing their habitat.
  • Supporting local businesses and eco-friendly initiatives.


What is the best time to visit Belkal Theertha Falls?

The best time to visit is during the monsoon (June to September) and winter (November to February) when the falls are most scenic.

How can I reach Belkal Theertha Falls?

Belkal Theertha Falls can be reached by road from nearby towns and cities. Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport, and the railway station is in Honnavar.

Is it safe to trek to Belkal Theertha Falls?

It is generally safe to trek to Belkal Theertha Falls, provided you take necessary precautions such as hiking in groups, informing local authorities, and carrying a first-aid kit.

What kind of wildlife can I expect to see?

You can expect to see a variety of bird species, butterflies, and small mammals. Occasionally, larger animals like deer and leopards may also be spotted.

Are there any accommodation options nearby?

Yes, several hotels, resorts, and camping sites offer comfortable accommodations near Belkal Theertha Falls.

How can I contribute to the conservation of Belkal Theertha Falls?

You can contribute by avoiding littering, respecting local wildlife, and supporting local conservation and eco-friendly initiatives.


Belkal Theertha Falls is a hidden treasure in the Western Ghats, offering a perfect blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural richness. Whether you are a trekker, a nature lover, or someone seeking tranquility, Belkal Theertha Falls has something to offer. Plan your visit, immerse yourself in the serene ambiance, and take back memories that will last a lifetime.

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