Vattavada: Discover Nature's Beauty in Kerala's Mountains

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Vattavada Wonders: Scenic Treasures Await in Kerala's Mountain Paradise

The scenic village – Vattavada is located in the Idukki district of Kerala. It emerges as a haven for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers  and is close to Munnar. Munnar to Vattavada distance is approximately 48 kms. This place not only captivates visitors with its rich biodiversity and cool climate but also beckons with its vibrant tourism scene. Immerse yourself in the place’s cultural heritage and sustainable eco-tourism initiatives. Lets look into the must visit places here in this beautiful location.

Vattavada Waterfalls

The surrounding areas are dotted with picturesque waterfalls that cascade down the hillsides, creating enchanting natural landscapes. Some notable waterfalls to visit include

  • Thommankuthu Waterfalls: Thommankuthu Waterfalls is a scenic cascade surrounded by dense forests and rocky cliffs.
  • Lakkam Waterfalls: Situated near the Eravikulam National Park. It’s known for its crystal-clear water.
  • Kuthumkal Waterfalls: Kuthumkal Waterfalls is another beautiful cascade located close to Vattavada.
  • Keezharkuthu Waterfalls: Also known as Rainbow Waterfalls, Keezharkuthu is situated approximately 30 kilometers from Vattavada.
  • Attukal Waterfalls: Attukal Waterfalls is located nearby, approximately 20 kilometers away. 

Vattavada: Explore  Tranquility and Natural Wonders

  •  Top Station: Situated at an elevation of around 1,880 meters above sea level. Top Station offers breathtaking views of the hills and valleys. It is a popular viewpoint and starting point for trekking and mountain biking expeditions.
  • Pampadum Shola National Park: The pristine wilderness area is home to diverse flora and fauna, including endemic species like Nilgiri Thar and Nilgiri Langur. Visitors can enjoy the serene beauty of the shola forests.

  • Meesapulimala: Meesapulimala is the second-highest peak in Kerala. Embark on an adventurous journey to reach the summit and enjoy the lush green valleys and mist-clad peaks.

  • Vegetable Farms: Due to its extensive vegetable farming, Vattavada is renowned as the “Vegetable Basket of Kerala”. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the green fields, get to know the cultivation techniques, and even purchase fresh produces from farmers.
  • Echo Point: Echo Point is a scenic spot where visitors can experience the natural phenomenon of echo. Surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking a tranquil lake. It’s a perfect place to relax, soak in the beauty of nature, and have fun creating echoes.

  • Vattavada Resorts & Homestays: Experience the warm hospitality of the local community by staying at one of the eco-friendly homestays. It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, and enjoy the serene surroundings of the Western Ghats.


Vattavada is not just a destination; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. The Best time to visit this place is between October and March. Nearest airport is Kochi. Vattavada promises an unforgettable journey filled with thrills, serenity, and the timeless beauty of the Western Ghats.


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